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[IOS][Game]iBasket Pro- Street Basketball - hanso - 24 January 18

[Image: e37c6ca7180e.png]
iBasket Pro- Street Basketball

In the top 3 in the US and more than 15 million downloads worldwide

"This game is really funny, and the free version is one of the best free apps I've seen in a long time!"
- "Whether you like basketball or not, the application as a whole and the style of the arcade, in particular, will completely convince you."
User Reviews:
"Definitely addictive."
- "The best basketball game I've ever played."
"Effectively! I can not win anymore. "

Now one of the best basketball games for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available.
With iBasket you are waiting for one of the most exciting single-player games in the App Store.

A powerful physics engine leaves much to be desired in terms of realism and allows high-precision throws.

In addition, you can design the trajectory of your balls with iBasket ... amazing, is not it? Once you start using iBasket, you can not leave!

You have 90 seconds to throw as many baskets as possible.
- Convert casts beyond the three-point line and increase your score.
- Drop three baskets in a row, and your glasses multiply.
- Get extra time with a clean throw.

Try to break your high score and leave the other players from around the world in the leaderboard. You decide when and where to play iBasket.