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[IOS][APP]Get the console for free instead of € 10.99 - hanso - 21 February 18

[Image: 963847f19f5c.png]
Get Console

now you can free download Get Console in the AppStore.
It requires free space for iOS 8.4 and 9 MB.
Ratings 4.0.

Get Console is a powerful full-featured terminal application that supports physical serial console access to networks and other workstations, as well as SSHv2, Telnet, scripts, TFTP servers, full logging, integration with Dropbox and instantaneous screen sharing. Full information can be found below.


- Serial communication. Use the serial cable serial cable from Airconsole or Redpark C2-RJ45 and C2-RJ45V to support workstations (adapter for C2-RJ45 cable for DB9 or DB25 on get-console.comavailable)
. The Redpark serial cables work with the Lightning iPhone 5 connector using the Apple Lightning 30-pin adapter (available from the Apple Store). Use only the Apple adapter - copies of the product will NOT work.

- Full terminal: also supports the Telnet terminal and SSH (v2) (via Wi-Fi or 3G). VT100 emulation. Supports password authentication, simply generates or imports SSH keys from the clipboard.

- Multiple sessions: simultaneously perform SSH and Telnet sessions in combination with consecutive tabbed sessions and apply cut-and-paste between sessions.

Various advanced terminal functions:
- A powerful terminal session script allows you to automate many common terminal tasks, including automata. The answer to the terminal output and the machine. Loading log files.

- Easily share your iPad / iPhone terminal window with remote web users for remote access to a console session - useful for remote support, training or disaster recovery.

- Connection Manager for organizing saved Serial / Telnet / SSH sessions that can be imported / exported via iTunes.

- A free utility for converting on the Internet to convert existing PuTTY and SecureCRT ® connections to the Get Console format.

- Fully customizable terminal parameters, including baud rate, parity, flow control, scroll buffer and column width.

- Integrated cut / copy / paste directly from the terminal window and display the clipboard.

- Built-in TFTP server for downloading and downloading files via WIFI / 3G

- Quickly configure common configuration tasks using shortcuts (a drop-down menu with frequent commands) and pre-configured shortcut buttons that you can configure

- Free embedded cloud storage on or for log files and configuration scripts. Your iPad or iPhone is integrated to be inserted into the console window

- Full registration of the terminal session in separate session files that can be attached to e-mails, downloaded via iTunes or downloaded to your repository on the website

*** NOTE *** For serial communication, our Airconsole adapter or supported Redpark cable - part code C2-RJ45V - is available at or directly from Does NOT work with Redpark C2-DB9 cable. If you need DB9, null modem or DB-25 connection, use the adapter, which is also available through our website.