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Thunderbird 102.3 is a security and bug fix update
Quote:Thunderbird 102.3 is now available. The new version of the open source email client is a security and bug fix release.

[Image: thunderbird-102-1.png]

The update is published already and most Thunderbird installations should receive it automatically via the built-in updating functionality. The selection of Menu > Help > About Thunderbird displays the installed version.

Thunderbird runs a check for updates when the window opens to download and install any new update that it may find. It should pick up version 102.3 at this point, if not installed already.

Thunderbird 102.3

[Image: thunderbird-102.3.png]

Thunderbird 102.3 is a security update first and foremost. The security advisory page for version 102.3 is not yet available, but it should be published soon.

The security updates have also been integrated into Thunderbird 91.13.1.

The security advisory page is available. It lists three security issues, one of the rated high.

Keep an eye on this page in case you are interested in finding out more.

The official release notes list two changes and dozens of fixes in the new release. One of the main changes addresses a potential profile corruption and permanent data loss issue in the client when importing account passwords from another Thunderbird profile.

Here is an overview of the fixes that landed in the release:
  1. Improved the startup performance of the Thunderbird application.
  2. Improved performance of matching contacts to an email address.
  3. Fixed an issue that could cause the saving of email sources and images to fail.
  4. Fixed that an error message was shown repeatedly when temporary disk space was full.
  5. Several Pop3 related fixes, including fix for connectivity issues to servers without UIDL support.
  6. The File > New > Address Book contact menu did not work from Compose.
  7. Option to attach "My vCard" was not available in the compose window.
  8. Address book failed to recognize more than two of a contact's email addresses.
  9. Address book search and auto-complete failed if a vCard could not be parsed.
  10. The downloading of NNTP messages for offline use fialed.
  11. Fixed an issue that caused the NNTP client to get stuck when connecting to Public-Inbox servers.
Thunderbird users may want to download and install the security updates as soon as possible to protect their applications from potential attacks.

Now you: What do you use: Thunderbird 102, 91 or something else entirely?
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