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Speedy Painter 3.5.5 (free digital ink)
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Speedy Painter 3.5.5 (free digital ink)
[Image: e3b1a18c5a79.jpg]
Create images or video presentations using a desktop or graphic tablet with multiple layers support, background photos, perspective presentation and video playback

Based on OpenGL, Speedy Painter  is a free drawing application wrapped in an attractive and intuitive interface.

Thanks to the standard options for inexperienced users, as well as advanced settings for those around the unit, this tool provides an interesting way to relax with a desktop or graphic tablet. You can create drawings or collect multiple layers to create videos, for example, presentations.
Before you go any further, you should be aware that this application is not intended for professional use, for example, for photo editing or website design. When it comes to graphic tablets, it uses scanners to determine the pressure of the pen and accordingly change the transparency or the size of the line.
[Image: fc8bf4688b55.jpg]

Entertainment and interactive interface
The main window of the application has a nice appearance and a well-organized structure. It displays all available drawing tools and file options on the right, as well as the current color wheel and layers on the right.
[Image: dda78a5f92b0.gif]
Its controls are not intuitive for novice users, but you can view the list with each of them, with the appropriate keyboard shortcuts and even reassign keyboard shortcuts.

Brush, rotation, cropping, perspective mode and reference image
By providing only one brush as a drawing method, you can adjust its size, texture, density, and color to create the desired effect, and adjust the tool to resize or flow according to pressure. Settings can be restored by default.
[Image: 479316309301.jpg]
You can zoom in and out, adjust the canvas to the window, rotate the canvas or rotate it at any angle, select in a selective way, crop any part of the drawing, go into perspective mode, fill the color with a degraded color tool, and correct the errors with the eraser. In addition, you can insert an external image, place it next to the current drawing and use it as a control point. Actions for cancellation and reuse are possible.

Multiple layers for exporting images or creating video presentations
You can add as many layers as you want for the project, and easily juggle them, adjust the level of their opacity or make them temporarily invisible to compare the changes. Images can be saved in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, or .spf (.spf files). During this time, the sequence of images can be saved as a project, and then received, viewed in the main application window or exported as video .avi.
[Image: f68519272e2c.jpg]

Evaluation and Conclusion
A low or moderate effect on computer performance when consuming CPU and RAM was a smooth and pleasant animation when performing certain types of commands and provided high quality video.
[Image: f6806ee32525.jpg]
This is, apparently, a rudimentary application that can make you think that this is just a more complex version of Windows Paint. It can not be filled with rich features, but Speedy Painter, certainly deserves your attention if you are looking for a hilarious and versatile drawing tool.
(for Windows Vista / 7/8/10)
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