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Ashampoo Snap 14 : A ‘limited-comparative review/test’
Ashampoo Snap 14: A ‘limited-comparative review/test’

This is (again) a ‘limited-comparative review/test’ for the new Ashampoo Snap 14. This is "limited" because I did not delve into the intricates of all the features and capabilities of Ashampoo Snap 14 but decided "only" to do comparative tests which I deem "basic" just as any user will edit or annotate his screenshot. The comparative results will show you how Ashampoo Snap 14 fairs with the chosen alternative apps: (1) FastStone Capture v9.7, (2) Snagit 2020, (3) Screenpresso PRO v1.11, (4) Ashampoo Snap 11, and (5) ShareX Portable v13.7.

Let it be noted that all views/observations expressed here are based on experience garnered during the course of this ‘limited-comparative review/test’. Appropriate images and videos will be shown here as proof. 

So, let’s get it on!

[Image: 2-scr-ashampoo-snap-14.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 14 is the new version of Ashampoo’s screen capture app! Ashampoo Snap 14 captures anything the user sees on his screen whether it be an images or video/s. Aside from regular screenshots, the program also supports timed captures, scrolling areas, custom window sizes and multi-display environments. Multiple post processing features helps the user augment screen captures with graphics, texts and effects to convey a lot of information quickly and visually. From webinar recordings to individual tutorials to illustrated explanations: Ashampoo Snap 14 is the fast route to success. Comfort features, automated numbering or dedicated post processing tools, save you time and effort. Finished captures can not only be stored locally but easily uploaded to Ashampoo Webspace. 
[Image: 3-install.gif]

[Image: 1402-settings.gif]

Ashampoo Snap 14 comes with a built-in video editor to make custom cuts, freely merge them or store them as individual episodes. GIF export is also included. Users particularly love the "magic eye" that auto-detects and selects windows, menus and scrollable areas. The new version 14 features a completely remade image editor that prioritizes simplicity and program handling without sacrificing well-known and loved power features. Snap 14 is fully Windows 11 compatible and puts the focus back on what really matters: users and their projects. 

Snap 14, new heart, new soul!
The image editor has always been at the core of Ashampoo Snap, as it provides all the tools to annotate, illustrate and polish screenshots with comments, arrows, cliparts and effects. For Ashampoo Snap 14, it has been completely remade! Ashampoo did a great job providing the user with a streamlined, highly functional and fuss-free design that gets the job done without distractions. Ashampoo Snap 14 gives a unique user experience at levels of visual clarity and intuitive handling never seen before in a screenshot editor. In addition, video and audio recordings now support higher bitrates for even better quality!
[Image: 5-editor-ui.gif]

[Image: 6-demo-image-shot.gif]

[Image: dZeFZZD.gif]

An indispensable home office companion
Ashampoo Snap 14 is the perfect tool to augment home/office work with screenshots and videos. Whether in-house or frontline, Snap makes communication faster, more efficient and more meaningful. Proposals, discussions or explanations all benefit from a more visual approach. Video capturing, editing and sharing is also fully supported. With no steep learning curve or hardware requirements, Ashampoo Snap 14 is the tool to take anyone’s communication to the next level!
[Image: 8-crop.gif]

[Image: 9-crop-rotate.gif]

Get to the point more quickly
Ashampoo Snap 14 makes screen and video captures easier than ever before. Work faster, smarter, and be more productive with 1-click actions. Snap boosts the user’s creativity with versatile design options and benefit from the new streamlined image editor. Create screenshots and with pixel-precision quickly and accentuate projects with annotations, arrows, shapes, and cliparts. Highlight issues or points of interest visually in any document and ignite readers' creativity with clever combinations of texts and images. 
[Image: 10-blur-pixelate.gif]

[Image: 11-add-text.gif]

[Image: 12-add-arrow.gif]

Snap 14.0.2 Editor Tinker

Fast and easy video cutting
Not every video recording is an instant success. Ads, extra steps or pauses are a frequent bother. The same applies to screen captures. Keep the important bits and get rid of the rest with Ashampoo Snap! Remove ads, glitches or superfluous scenes or split your video into individual episodes. It doesn't matter whether the user is casually pointing and capturing, creating an extensive webinar or producing a high-quality presentation: With Ashampoo Snap, every video capture comes out a success!

Create videos for any purpose
Creating instructional videos or documentaries is a breeze with the new Ashampoo Snap 14! Recordings are live-annotable with texts, drawings and voice narration. Clear things up with visualized mouse clicks and key strokes and add watermarks to protect your intellectual property.

Latest version build is Ashampoo Snap is 14.0.2 (2022/03/17)

Ashampoo Snap 14.0.2 Changelog:
  • New dark mode now available
  • New export toolbar with quick export functions
  • Improved file saving, project and output files now synced
  • Added color picker to editor tools
  • Improved scaling for high-res displays
  • Relative object positions now preserved during rotating
  • Clipart section supports adding of custom cliparts
  • Fixed cursor flickering in the editor
  • Made screenshots renamable through keyboard shortcuts in editor
  • Simplified workspace panning
  • Task tray icon now permanently visible or in the overflow depending on user settings
  • Minor bugfixes in undo function
  • Arrow head sizes now adjustable
  • Workspace auto-pans after program window resize
  • Improved file auto-naming settings
  • Snap now supports “Open with” in Windows Explorer
  • Minor bugfixes in editor toolbar
  • Fixed issues with full-screen selection in multi-display environments

Detailed Features are HERE

Ashampoo Snap 14 - Screen capture very simple


Ashampoo Snap 14.0.1 / 14.0.2 was compared with alternative apps such as: (1) FastStone Capture v9.7, (2) Snagit 2020, (3) Screenpresso PRO v1.11, (4) Ashampoo Snap 11, and (5) ShareX Portable v13.7.

Comparison tests done are: a) Simple Annotations, b) Scrolling Capture, and c) Capture Video / Screen Recording. All videos of the actual tests are recorded via FlashBack Pro 5. 


To compare Ashampoo Snap 14 annotation features to the alternatives I decided to do a generic screenshot of “chess pieces” and annotate it so that the end-result will all look the same (at the very least) depending on the capability of the built-in editor. There are glaring differences between Ashampoo’s and the alternatives. Ashampoo 11 has the upper hand here (just a bit) as their built-in editor has the most versatile tools (if not all -- though missing a “select tool”) the user will need to properly annotate any screenshot. 

Ashampoo Snap 14.0.1
Ashampoo did something to the image editor and I "literally" took time looking for "this", "that", "guessing" and being "dumbfounded". Annotation which usually will not take much time (as mentioned it is "basic") took longer. Snap 14 editor is "new" but is also..tsk...They toned-down the arrowhead style for one. While Ashampoo allows the user to import an image into the editor (that is a good thing because I can create in Adobe Illustrator the specific arrowhead style I need) the arrowheads and styles that I was looking should have been there. Text-box content selection is also something else. For further explanations kindly see “OBSERVATIONS” at the “near-end” of the review. 
Snap 14 Sample Annotations
Snap 14.0.1 Sample Annotation

[Image: Ashampoo-Snap-14-SAMPLE-ANNOTATE.png]

Ashampoo Snap 14.0.2
Just released version 14.0.2 paved the way for more improvements but the arrowhead is “still” so.. You cannot even change the arrowhead in this new version. The rest of the addition was the color picker and some etc. See “OBSERVATIONS” at the “near-end” of the review. 

Snap 14.0.2 Annotation
Snap 14.0.2 Sample Annotation


Ashampoo Snap 11
I like the Snap 11 editor more than Snap 14 (but that’s just me here). Using the drawing tools and annotation in Ashampoo Snap is great and offers more capabilities than the other alternatives used as comparison. In the future I want Ashampoo to consider adding a “cross-hair-tool” or a “snap-to-grid” guide so as aligning and positioning will be a synch. In Snap 11, if you want to get proper positioning you just have to either, (1) draw thin-lines and use them as positioning guide (much like drawing/drafting manually), or (2) “gestimate” the position to what seems okay to you. I guess you can make do without the cross-hair (that’s just me talking). One tool also missing is the “select tool” which is present in Snap 14. 

Snap 11 Sample Annotations
Snap 11 Sample Annotation


ShareX Portable
ShareX has the “cross-hairs” that I want in Ashampoo Snap and I used it to properly position all text, shape elements in the annotation of the screenshot. The cross-hair can also be turned on/off too! This free application can suffice to most users but it needs getting used to as the menu buttons of the editor are small and you will have to tinker more and set the properties you want to the annotations desired. One thing that is different in the ShareX editor is the erase tool which they call “Smart Erase”. ShareX erase is “different” from the rest of the alternatives. Instead of “erasing” the selected portion, it “obfuscates” the content by blending it with the background. This is how different it is! It can be great with solid colors but if the portion that you are erasing isn’t, then you will have to take each step for "each" color blend to effectively “erase” (obfuscate) what you want. See end result of the annotation using ShareX Portable below. 

ShareX Portable Sample Annotation
ShareX Sample Annotation


Screenpresso PRO
In Screenpresso PRO there is only very basic-limited tools that you can use in their built-in editor. There is noerase tool” and “pixelate” in image editor. You got that right there -- re: "no erase tool and no pixelate tool". Only the “blur tool" is given. You can however use the shape tool to make a shape, say, a rectangle to cover (with color) the portion you want to be erased. But you will have to go the long way via selecting the color picker provided and typing the data in the “more colors > define custom colors”. No color picker is provided for you in the image editor. 

Screenpresso PRO Sample Annotation
Screenpresso PRO Sample Annotation


Faststone Capture
In FastStone Capture almost all the basic tools needed to make proper-simple annotations are there. But the new version 9.7 "still" has no capability to “rotate” shapes in the Draw > annotations (except the drag handles in “text”). The main editor allows rotation of the whole image only.  While the sample annotations that I chose do not require “rotation” of shapes / text elements, this is an “annoyance” as you will need to use external editors if you need to show something in a rotationary angle. 

FastStone Capture Sample Annotation
FSCapture Sample Annotation


Snagit 2020
In Snagit 2020 the seamless arrangements of all tools are there at your disposal. But looking closely, Snagit 2020 does not allow you to change the “line type” for the shapes. Yes! %#@!! Only arrows have line type - selection. To compensate I had to create my own “dash-dot” and “dashed” shape (from Adobe Illustrator, can also be done in PowerPoint -- save as .png file) and import it to Snagit 2020 via “stamps”. Good thing that this can be done but this is an annoyance already and I remember that I saw some rants in the internet about it (most of which fell on deaf ears -- I do not know why....or so I think..). Though Snagit has been a staple app for me this limitation is still an annoyance. The old version of Snagit back in my Windows 7 days (I think it was Snagit 8 or 9) has that capability. I don’t know what the devs were thinking here. WHY TechSmith? All the alternatives here have that capability and you do not have it! Imagine that! 

Snagit 2020 Sample Annotation
Snagit 2020 Sample Annotation

[Image: Snagit-2020-ANNOTATE-SAMPLE-3.png]


Scrolling mouse capture or “scrolling window capture” is a feature that is not present in all screenshot applications. On me, I prefer an app which has “scrolling window capture” and I expect it to perform as advertised --100% (or even 90% depending on the endeavor at hand). For these comparative tests I selected everyday office applications which are, (1) MS Word, (2) Foxit Reader and PDFXChange Editor, (3) Web Browsers (Edge Chromium, Google Chrome and Firefox -- these are favored in Snap 14 settings), and the built-in Windows Explorer. The comparative results are below. 

Ashampoo Snap 14.0.1
The previous "named-features" re: -- (1) Scrolling Window (Website), (2) Scrolling Window Freestyle, and (3) Scrolling Window (Text) is now history (I think it started in Snap 12) and you will not find anything resembling the former. The “Scan screens” carries all that features now and is used for such. This is where Snap 14 gives you an option to scan the screen content and select what type of capture you like. You can use “Scans screens” at the widget or from the tray icon (right-click). Almost all “scrolling capture” done with Snap 14 are "hit-and-miss" and end results are "almost often all incomplete captures" except for two captures. They are (1) Foxit Reader capture shots --re: “Snap 14 Foxit Reader Scrolling Capture 2.png” and “Snap 14 Foxit Reader Scrolling Capture 3.png” (-- complete scroll captured), and in (2) MS Word capture shot --re:  “Snap 14 WORD Scrolling Capture 4 top.png” (-- complete scroll captured). Kindly see images and videos below.  

Snap 14 Foxit Reader_PDF Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-14-Foxit-Reader-PDF-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]

Snap 14 WORD Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-14-WORD-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]

Snap 14 Web Browser Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-14-Web-Browser-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]

Snap 14 Explorer Window Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-14-Explorer-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]
Snap 14 Scrolling Capture WEBPAGE Test
Snap 14 Scrolling Capture PDF_WORD_EXPLORER_Test

Ashampoo Snap 14.0.2
Using the new Snap 14.0.2 there is an improvement in scrolling window capture for MS Word document. The two attempts to scroll-capture all 4 pages of the selected document was successful. Both attempts gave good clean / render end-results. The rest, except the Foxit Reader PDF doc (PDFXChange Editor - PDF doc, Explorer window and browsers) had the same end-results. Poor capture and render. See video below. 
Snap 14.0.2 Scrolling Window Capture Test

Ashampoo Snap 11
Here in Snap 11 the features, (1) Scrolling Window (Website), (2) Scrolling Window Freestyle, and (3) Scrolling Window (Text) are still present but the result is also hit-and-miss and end results are (almost often) all incomplete captures except for one lonely Foxit Reader capture re: -- “Snap 11 Foxit Reader Scrolling Window Text M1.png” (-- complete scroll captured). As mentioned, the rest of the tests were all incomplete captures. Kindly see images and video below.  

Snap 11 PDF Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-11-PDF-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]

Snap 11 Web Browsers Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-11-Web-Browser-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]

Snap 11 MS Word and Explorer Window Scrolling Capture Images

[Image: Snap-11-Word-Explorer-Scrolling-Capture-Compare.png]
Snap 11 Scrolling Capture Test

Snagit 2020
In Snagit 2020 “Scrolling Window Capture” is smooth except for the capture with PDFXChange Editor. Snagit 2020 has issues with scrolling capture in Tracker Software’s PDFXChange Editor thus an error pop-up surfaced. See image of error pop-up below. 
Snagit 2020 Scrolling Capture Error

[Image: Scrolling-Capture-Error.png]

The Panoramic Capture is an alternative / workaround to “Scrolling Window Capture” (in cases such as this) where you can manually scroll down as the images are captured by Snagit 2020. The end result is similar and complete as what is reflected in Foxit Reader. All the Snagit 2020 “Scrolling Window” and “Panoramic” captures are complete and with good render. See images and video below. 
Snagit 2020 Scrolling Capture Alternative_Panoramic Capture

[Image: Scrolling-Panoramic-Capture.png]

Snagit 2020 Web Browsers Scrolling Capture Images


Snagit 2020 PDF Scrolling Capture Images


Snagit 2020 MS Word and Explorer Window Scrolling Capture Images

Snagit 2020 Scrolling Window Capture Test

FastStone Capture
With FastStone Capture I did not encounter any issues and all it took was a couple of minutes to finish all tests. All “Capture Scrolling Window” captures are complete and with good render. No issues! Very nice!

FSCAPTURE Scrolling Capture Web Browsers

[Image: FSCAPTURE-Scrolling-Capture-Browsers.png]

FSCAPTURE Scrolling Capture on MS Word, PDFs and Explorer Window

[Image: FSCAPTURE-Scrolling-Capture-Word-PDFExplorer.png]

FSCapture Scrolling Capture BROWSER Test
FSCapture Scrolling Capture WORD PDF EXPLORER Test

ShareX Portable
ShareX Portable scrolling capture has given the user some settings that any of the alternatives do not have. In ShareX you can adjust the, (1) Scroll method, (2) Scroll Delay and (3) Maximum scroll count. These settings were especially useful when I encountered issues with "unfinished-scan-scroll" captures for Google Chrome and Edge. The “Maximum scroll count” default was set at 20. When I adjusted it to 60, there it is, the scrolling capture of ShareX was flawless and rendered good. Infrequent users who just rely on the default settings will miss this (if they do not tinker more) and will just dismiss the “incomplete scrolling scan” as the apps flaw. These settings/options gives ShareX users added mileage in scrolling capture. 

In Firefox it is different. Even if I adjusted the “Maximum scroll count” to the max -- 100, ShareX cannot still complete the capture to the end of the web page. So I just adjusted the “zoom” of Firefox from “80” to “67”. Problem solved! Of course the screenshot will be a bit smaller but you can just use the zoom in your preferred image viewer to see the intricate. The rendering is still good and the screenshot is complete to the last detail of the web page. 
ShareX Scrolling Capture Option

[Image: Share-X-Scrolling-Capture-Options.png]

The “Scroll method” proved to be another great option for MS Word and Explorer. The default, “Automatically try all methods until one works” did not give me the end result I needed so I used “Simulate mouse wheel scrolling” to get a decent scrolling capture end-result. This can be accessed via the drop-down arrow (see again image above -- ShareX Scrolling Capture Option). This is somewhat similar to the “Capture Scrolling Window” of FastStone Capture.  You will need to place the mouse pointer inside the doc or, inside the explorer window so as the “mouse scroll” will finish. Scanning PDF docs are a bit different as ShareX seems to favor Foxit Reader than my preferred PDFXChange Editor. The end result for ShareX scrolling capture for a Foxit Reader doc was clean and rendered good. The one with PDFXChange Editor had the “overlapping lines” present. It finished the scroll scan but the end result was not good. 
ShareX Scrolling Capture on PDF docs

[Image: Share-X-Scrolling-Capture-on-PDF-docs.png]
ShareX Portable Scrolling Capture Test

Screenpresso PRO
Screenpresso PRO’s scrolling capture which is “Screenshot using auto-scroll (Win + Shift + Print Scr)”, is still under “beta”. I sent Screenpresso support an email about it and it is "still" an on-going endeavor for them. They are offering an alternative via their Google Chrome extension though. But then again, it is only for browsers. How about for the built-in Windows Explorer window, or MS Word doc? Anyway, they are still working on it and I will be testing it (personally) when it is ready. 

So beta, in other words it’s still buggy. The video will show how buggy it is and cannot be relied upon for scrolling capture of any kind. You will have to exert patience when doing the scrolling capture as it is literally “manual” scrolling + manual capture”. Screenpresso PRO’s scrolling capture also cannot completely capture the whole length of the scroll -- even if it is you who scrolls and captures for him. When you come toward the end of the page length, the “manual capture is often “terminated” prematurely! The video will also show the “scroll bar” does not get to the end of the page being “manually” captured. 

This beta version has something wrong with its scroll-count or something (getting a hint from my experience using ShareX). Perhaps because the scroll is done manually...Screenpresso PRO also cannot stitch (merge) the images properly because most of the end result shows that bottom parts of the page are “stitched/merged somewhere else”. There wasn’t anything in all the end results that you can actually use! This is really STILL in Beta! Well, I don’t know if I am doing it wrong or something but I repeated it all over again and same end results surfaced (I also did not bother to use their Google Chrome extension). Anyway, as mentioned it is still in beta so still unpolished. I will be waiting on the feature when it comes out as stable. 
Screenpresso PRO SUA Beta Scrolling Capture Test
Screenpresso PRO Scrolling Screenshot Beta_version pop-up

[Image: Screenpresso-PRO-Scrolling-Screenshot-Beta-version.png]

Screenpresso PRO Capture Scrolling Window Pop-Up 1

[Image: Capture-Scrolling-Window-Pop-Up-1.png]

Screenpresso PRO Image Stitching / Merging Issue

[Image: Image-Stitching-Issue.png]


The actual output captured video / screen recording of all applications used (Ashampoo Snap 14.0.2, FastStone Capture v9.7, Snagit 2020, Screenpresso PRO v1.11, Ashampoo Snap 11, and ShareX Portable v13.7) will show the text “end-result” (e.g. Snap 1402 Video Recording End-Result.wmv ) to differentiate it from the actual video tests which are all recorded via FlashBack Pro 5. 

All videos (actual video tests) recorded via FlashBack Pro 5 will be marked an”  (e.g. FBP5_Snap 1402 Video Recording Test.mp4 ) to connote filenames of the “actual” test videos. 

Actual captured video “end-results” are far better in terms of "rendering" than ones seen being played in VLC Player inside the actual video tests (recorded via FlashBack Pro 5). Some “actual video tests” may show “video lag” or "elevated pitch sound". That "identified difference " may be a result of two (2) screen recorders and two (2) video players running at the same time. In the end it is the recorded application “end-result” that should be weighed.

YouTube has also tagged some of the videos with "Copyright claim". They (YouTube) say that the "claimer" is allowing the use of the radio-cut soundtrack in the tagged videos but will show ads that will go to the "claimer". Hmmm....almost every day, music and etc. are being used and re-produced and YouTube just found a way to monetize such usage. Personally, (I think) "Smash Mouth" would not mind the usage of just an excerpt of his hit "I'm a Believer". Next time around I will ask for specific permission from the record company and contest this with YouTube.

In this review I made a short video specimen -- Halloween video to be used as sole element for recording use with all the apps. The specimen video is below. 
Snap 14 Review Specimen Video

Ashampoo Snap 14
Snap 14.0.2 video recording was an improvement from last Snap 12 review. There were no issues with the sound element. All went good and the recording is good including the rendering (default recording is in .wmv). See video recording end-result below. 
FBP5_Snap 14.0.2 Video Recording Test
Snap 14.0.2 Video Recording End-Result

Ashampoo Snap 11
Snap 11 video recording was also an improvement from last Snap 12 review. There were no issues with the sound element. All went good and the recording is good including the rendering (default recording is in .wmv). See video recording end-result below. 

FBP5_Snap 11 Video Recording Test
Snap 11 Video Recording Test End-Result

FastStone Capture
FSCapture’s video recording was also good with good rendering also but you will have to set the video quality at Good because “if” it set at Best there will be “pixel discoloration” at the top of the recorded region. This is like increasing the "sharpness" of a video. The pixel discoloration ís evident in the FSCapture end-result which had "Best" as video quality. See image of “Pixel Discoloration” below. 
FSCapture Pixel Discoloration

[Image: Pixel-Discoloration.png]

FSCapture Video Quality setting

[Image: FSCapture-Video-Quality.png]

So as mentioned, the video quality should be set at Good for a good render in the end-result (default recording is in .wmv). The end-result of the FSCapture test when played in VLC Player differs from the actual recording end-result. The FlashBack Pro 5 test recording proper shows high pitch noise (see again "Note" in C. CAPTURE VIDEO / SCREEN RECORDING). The actual FSCapture video recording end-result is better.  

FBP5_FSCAPTURE Video Recording Test
FSCAPTURE Video Recording Test_End-Result

Snagit 2020
Snagit 2020 does not have a "desktop" recording option (or I may have just missed it) anyway, thus I used the “Region” (only two are given (1) Region and (2) Window). All went good and the recording is good including the rendering. See video recording end-result below. 
FBP5_Snagit 2020 Video Recording Test
Snagit 2020 Video Recording Test End-Result

ShareX Portable
ShareX Portable has additional settings and pre-requisites for a good screen recording. One is that you have to download the (1) “” and (2) install additional recording devices. If the user will not do this chances are his recording will not have any sound. I see a lot of issues pertaining to "no-sound / no-audio" issues in ShareX in the internet and most workarounds that are posted do not work anymore in version 13.7. See settings (I used) below. 
ShareX install recording devices

[Image: Share-X-screen-recording-options.png]

ShareX screen recording all went good and the recording is good including the rendering (default recording is in .mp4). See video recording end-result below. 
FBP5_ShareX Portable Screen Recording Test
ShareX Portable Video Recording Test End-Result

Screenpresso PRO
Screenpresso PRO also requires additional files to be downloaded so audio and video can be merged properly. An is to be downloaded HERE and then said "zip file" should be extracted to “C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Learnpulse\Screenpresso\FFmpeg”

Screenpresso PRO will not continue the recording if the needed file is not in the path stated above. It (Screenpresso PRO) will cancel the recording pending the presence of the extracted file. After meeting the requirement, video recording will go through. All went good and the recording is good including the rendering (default recording is in .mp4). See video recording end-result below. 
FBP5_Screenpresso PRO Video Recording Test
Screenpresso PRO Video Recording Test End-Result

SOMETHING "NEW" and "ODD" here...
When I started to test / tinker with Ashampoo Snap 14 there was this "drag" and very annoying "slowness" of the program that was reminisce of Ashampoo Snap 12 but this time it got worse. It came to a point that I considered not testing it...but to be fair to the developer, I took the chance and went on. I sent word to Ashampoo support about my intention to do a review to follow-up on the last version Snap 12. They gave some tips so that the program will function without a fuss. One of the tips is exclusion of “ashnap.exe” and later on, “snap14.exe”.  

This can be seen HERE

As ASNAP 14 is installed in a test partition with Avast Premium Security as the main AV, I checked the link given by Ashampoo. I was dumbfounded to see that they are actually asking to label snap14.exe as “Allowed”. Please see image below of Avast Premium Security re: General > Blocked & Allowed apps > Allow App > 

There are 4 features there to allow selected app, (1) Ransomware Shield (2) Webcam Shield, (3) Sensitive Data Shield, and (4) Password Protection. So I “unchecked” (disabled) all of it. LO, and BEHOLD!!!! Ashampoo Snap 14 did function as if the "drag" and "slowness" was a fiction of my mind. Not wanting to give an all-out permission (why would I), I tinkered further by each checking one of the four features until I found out that it was the “Ransomware Shield” that is needed to be unchecked/disabled to let Ashampoo Snap 14 function well. You can leave the other 3 features checked -- (2) Webcam Shield, (3) Sensitive Data Shield, and (4) Password Protection -- and Ashampoo Snap 14 will function properly but unchecking -- (1) Ransomware Shield, is the make or break here. Not "allowing" Snap 14 in Avast’s Ransomware Shield "halts" it's functionality, especially the image editor. This has been an earlier observation when I started this endeavor -- of the editor not rendering properly (this was before I gave the exemption). See images and videos below. 
Snap 14 in Avast “Allowed Apps” - Ransomware

[Image: Snap14-in-Avast-03102022.png]

The other screenshot apps I use do not require me to disable the ransomware shield of Avast Premium Security for them to function properly. I never had to place any screenshot app in the "List of Allow Apps" of Avast Premium Security before.  

Similarly, I tried to use HitmanPro.Alert and placed Ashampoo Snap 14 in “Exploit Mitigation” because all my screenshot apps are placed there as protected apps. An “Attack Detection” popped-up from HMPA. I saved the logs and went on. Snap 14 functioned okay until I went to the image editor. The font selection in “Documentation > Text” showed no entries. It only allowed the default font, which is “Arial” to be used. You cannot change the font as there is no entry in the drop-down box! 
Snap 14.0.1_HMPA Mitigation Test
Snap 14.0.1_NO EXCLUSION Avast Ransomware
[Image: bQYsOKc.gif]
Snap 14.0.1_WITH EXCLUSION Avast Ransomware
[Image: pJAqXFY.gif]

Tinkering further, I tried to use Ashampoo Snap 14 inside Avast sandbox also (though this was not required -- jus tinkering here). While it seemed to function okay, there was this JavaScript error when I tried to exit ASNAP14. After that there wasn’t anything I could do but to press "Control > Alt + Del" to "Log-out". 
JavaScript Error

[Image: Java-Script-Error.png]

Now I am not that techy as our esteemed Malware Zoo Admins but I never had to set exclusions to a screenshot application app before. 

All the alternative screenshot apps do not need to be exempted to function properly. I have been using these apps ( -- Snagit 2020, FastStone Capture, PickPick Pro, ShareX Portable, Screenpresso PRO, FlashBack Pro and even Ashampoo Snap 11!) for a quite some time now and there are no issues whatsoever. The most is that all of the alternatives are placed in “Do Not Disturb Mode” in Avast. 

Why in Ashampoo Snap 14 the need is there to exempt/exclude it in Avast’s Ransomware Shield?  

MS Office apps and PDF editor apps functions okay when placed as “protected apps” in HitmanPro. Alert’s Exploit Mitigation. Ashampoo Snap 14 doesn’t?

This is a FIRST!

So just for the sake of this test/review (and pending some insights to this “odd” behavior) I will give-in to Ashampoo. This is so that I can compare it properly to the alternatives. The alternatives will remain in HMPA’s Exploit Mitigation > protected apps. So I guess at this point, Ashampoo Snap 14 need not be protected by Avast Premium Security and HitmanPro.Alert’s Exploit Mitigation. I have reached out to HitmanPro.Alert Support and Avast Customer Care about it and they have expressed their views quoted below. 

Avast Customer Care explains further,
Quote:Avast’s Ransomware shield secures the user’s personal photos, documents, and other files from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware attacks. The feature automatically secures folders that may contain personal data and allows the user to specify which other folders want protected from untrusted applications. Ransomware shield will not allow any modification of protected files (in this case images) by unauthorized apps.

To date “Ashampoo” is not in the list of whitelisted apps (according to Avast Customer Care Team) and they will be evaluating it (Snap 14). If Avast evaluates it as a safe application, then it will be automatically be added to their whitelist. 

HitmanPro.Alert Tech Support states,

The alert / pop-up is a so called LoLBin Lockdown
Quote:LOLBins e.g. Office document running powershell or wscript 99 out of 100 times this is not seen on consumer machines and we block that to prevent exploitation.

Sometimes this does break legit applications that don't handle their updates according to the latest IT hygiene, e.g. using unsigned binaries instead of code-signing them.

[text removed as per request of HitmanPro.Alert Support]

More Info below
HitmanPro.Alert triggered an "Attack Intercepted" - Lockdown

Launching Snap 14 (with the exemptions in Avast Premium Security) there is “still” some "noticeable" delay. Also, despite setting (checking) “Show splash screen on startup” in Snap 14 settings, there wasn’t any! In fact, I never saw Snap 14’s splash screen in the course of this review! 
Snap 14.0.1 and Snap 14.0.2 Show Splash Screen setting

[Image: Snap-1401-Snap1402-Show-Splash-Screen.png]

The widget also took time to appear. As with the image editor too. In my last review I timed all the delays of Snap 12. This “delay” is reminisce of Snap 12 (though Snap 12 was way so slow). Here I just let it slide because after all it will show in the videos that there are delays in rendering. See for yourselves the delay in display of the widget and the image editor of Snap 14.0.1 / 14.0.2. 
Snap 14.0.2 Annotation

The version changes for Snap 14 highlights brand new editor. You will see that the interface is different (feels new) but using it is a different thing. Read on below for some of my observations as I used Snap 14.0.1 / 14.0.2 editor. I state some because I did not delve on all the new features and just relied on the sample annotations I prepped for this review. As simple as the annotations were, I am unconvinced here..... 

  • Poor arrowhead, arrowsize options

    Yes, you read it right there, “poor-- and I mean it too! You cannot even change the arrowhead in Snap 14’s image editor! I don’t know what crossed the mind of the one responsible for this but it is just plain “stu#@p$%&d”

    Gosh, even PowerPoint gives you more than enough ways to edit just the arrow and arrowhead. But in Snap 14...NOTHING?! 

    The default arrow head also is the “growing/modern” type depending on the stroke size and the length of the arrow. Snap 11 used to have arrowhead options, (1) Default, (2) Dual Head, (3) Growing, (4) Modern, and (5) No Head. 

    Snap 14 is only, Modern and Growing. No other options. 

    All the videos for the alternatives sample annotations will show “proportionate” arrowheads different from Snap 14. (Well Snap 14.0.2 added arrowhead size adjustments to remedy that....) Kindly glance back at the videos for “Sample Annotations”
    Snap 14 and Snap 11 Arrowhead

    [Image: ARROW-HEAD-SNAP-14-SNAP-11-80.png]

    One obvious improvement for the arrow (from Snap 11) was the elimination of 2-3 “pulling handle” (resize handles) which was annoying. Ashampoo Snap 11 had 4-5 on its bent arrow (including the pointer). You can just make do with 2-3 handles (-- resize handles, which is about the standard in common image editors). You will see in the Snap 11 video below that it’s a pain to use/manipulate that handles for an arrow just to get the desired arrow shape. And this is where Snap 14 did great by correcting that. 

    That’s just about it and the rest (for the arrows) in Snap 14 are just so... And this is a brand new editor at that. 

    What if you need to show differences on certain images? 

    What if you want to show arrows to match your imported image or “theme” you are using? 

    Chances are you will have to use a different 3rd-party image editor just to get it done! Or, make a .PNG of the arrow/arrow head (-- the kind you want) and import it to Snap 14 (clipboard). Too much work for just an arrowhead huh.... (So why use Snap 14 in the first place?)

    See also, “Snap 14.0.2  > Arrow size adjustments, etc.” below. 
  • Odd “shape” and “arrow” behavior in Snap 14.0.1

    Again, you read it right there. Odd is what I describe it. This was a first time that I encountered it. When you create an arrow in Snap 14 editor it automatically defaults itself as the "object-in-front". When you create a shape, say, an “oval” and you want to cross that arrow (created earlier), you will be surprised because you cannot! Yup. As if there is a “force field / force shield” preventing the previous arrow (object-1) to cross the border of the oval-shape (object-2). Huh?! Why do that Ashampoo? You can only circumvent the “force field/force shield” thing if you select an object and move it “back” or “in-front”. So if you want the arrow (object-1) to cross (and be placed inside) the oval-shape (object-2) you can either:

    (1) select the arrow (object-1) > right-click > move object to front 
    (2) select the oval-shape (object-2) > right-click > move object to back. See video below. 


    Snap 14.0.1  Shape_Arrow Behavior
    [Image: 1UyVQaa.gif]

    Snap 14.0.1  Shape_Arrow Behavior

    Thus a new object created “defaults itself” as the “object in-front”. Then for some reason, Snap 14 locks it in place. Again my question is WHY? This behavior makes it a pain editing images. The extra 2-4 clicks aren’t needed. This is especially annoying when you edit images which you want to show with different characteristics, features or elements. This may be “sane” for images imported into the “current” image you are editing. Take note about the word “images” meaning pictures imported, which you can plainly state as “image pasted-over a current image”. But for shapes/arrows this is not needed. Image editors in screenshot apps has to be versatile in itself.  

    See comparison below of Snap 11 shape / arrow behavior. 

    Snap 11 Shape_Arrow Behavior
    [Image: pYe7l4N.gif]

    Snap 11 Shape_Arrow Behavior

    Snap 14.0.2 has some improvements that are appreciated but in the annotation samples that I used, said “the improvements” (I find) is either small or lacking.(Note: This "odd" behavior seems to have been corrected in Ashampoo Snap 14.0.2 -- have not seen it but also I have not tested it further). 

  • Still no text-box background.

    I have been waiting for this since Snap 11 but have just waived it off last time I reviewed Snap 12. Here (as in Snap 11) you will have to make use of adding a shape, say, rectangle and place a text-box “in-front” of it (or move the shape to “back” --” move to back”) to have the effect of the text having a background. Well to be fair, FSCapture and Snagit 2020 also do not have this feature. But the freeware ShareX Portable does (so as Screenpresso PRO). See image below of apps that have text-box background coloring. 
    Sample Text Box with Color Background

    [Image: Text-Box-with-Color-Background.png]

    The lack of this "small" feature adds more than a few clicks and makes the user’s annotation longer to finish. Ashampoo should consider it...See image below. 

    Still No text-box background

    [Image: No-text-box-background.png]

  • Arrow size adjustments, etc.

    Snap 14.0.2 added arrowhead adjustments because it seems that they discovered it that it is a pain to see their default arrow-heads “unproportioned”. The “unproportioned look” is the result of making the default arrowhead behavior “growing / modern” and they (Ashampoo) must have realized the wrong they did here. 

    This arrowhead size adjustment may, in a way, help but still this is so lame. I personally need more than a few arrowheads for an endeavor. 

    How can you use the same arrowhead all the time (especially to differentiate items)?!!!

    I miss Snap 11’s arrow-heads!!!

    Snap 14.0.2 arrow-styles are: (1) Normal, (2) Dashed, (3) Dotted, (4) Dash Dot, (5) Dash Dot Dot, and (6) Outline. Let’s take a look of “(6) Outline. You cannot edit that arrow-style and the outline color is black “only”. Black-ONLY. 

    Now what happens when the background is already “black”. See image below. 

    A straight arrow in light background (marked “B”, width = 5  / style = normal) looks the same as that of a straight arrow in black background (marked “A”, width = 4 / style = outline )

    What now if the background needs to be black and you need to use “style = outline" and use it ("outline") to emphasize an item? GAME OVER!!!!

    Snap 14.0.2 Arrow-style_”Outline” in light and black background

    [Image: Snap-14-0-2-Arrow-style-outline-in-light...ground.png]

  • Improved Color picker added
    This is a welcome addition as most often there are colors that are not well defined and you will need a color-picker to determine the shade you need. Though this is good, maybe Ashampoo devs "can" (should actually) allow the use of the keyboard keys (top-bottom-left-right) to accurately "pin down" the wanted color to be “picked”. Snap 14.0.2 only allows the mouse pointer to do that. That is good for those without arthritis or their hands are in perfect condition or has eagle eyes! For those who don't, well, you’ll have to "zero-in" the target color shade  manually!
    Improved Color Picker

    [Image: color-picker.png]

  • Text-box content (text) cannot be edited unless un-resized / maximized

    When I work with text-boxes, I almost always copy/paste a previously created one and just edit the contents of the copy. In Snap 14.0.2, say, I type “PAWN” and resize the text-box to just “fit” the word “PAWN” and then "copy" that “resized” text-box (with the word “PAWN”) then "select/edit" that word "PAWN" you’ll be in a fix! No matter how much “double-click” I do the word “PAWN” cannot be properly selected.  

    You will have to select the “text-box” and type-over a word again. You will see in the video that I just selected the text-box and type a new word, say, “ROOK”, “KNIGHT” and so on and so forth. I was ONLY able to edit the content of a coped text-box when I "accidentally" created a new text-box and typed a new word. Leaving that "new" text-box unresized gives the user the possibility to "actually see" that the contents of the text-box "IS" actually selected -- owing to the blue selection highlight

    So text-box should be maximized or un-resized to allow user to SEE and "BE SURE" that the "contents" are actually-truely "selected". How? Because you will see that blue selection color "highlight". 

    Really Ashampoo?  

    You had me guessing and had me "dumbfounded" for a time there...I though that when a text-box is resized to just fit the contents, said contents cannot be edited -- why? -- because that blue selection color "highlight" CANNOT be seen and "that" blue selection color highlight IS the "standard" mark for a "text" to be indicated as "selected" and "ready" for "editing". Here (with this brand new editor of yours) you had me guessing Ashampoo....making me loose precious time tinkering. 

    Even MS PowerPoint allows selection of text-box contents whether it be a small text-box... 

    As mentioned previously, the "added clicks" to an endeavor does not help the user but ONLY makes him finish his endeavor much longer". 

    This is not minor to me (based on what I have experienced) but an "annoyance".  

    Even though you can edit by "typing-over", I was actually at a loss making me think I may be doing something wrong there. Is it selected or not? Is it ready for editing or not? 

    That added “blue selection highlight” is needed in Snap 14.0.2 so as to properly guide the user and not make the user wonder if the text-box is “indeed” ready for editing or not. The user still has to tinker with order and placements of all components (text, shapes, stickers etc.) adjusting one element over another so it is not a "minor" thing to add time to his endeavor. Added "clicks" DO NOT help at all Ashampoo!

    Kindly also see video below (the video is also presented previously in "Product Description > Overview > Get to the point more quickly" )
    Snap 14.0.2 Editor Tinker

    The gif shows what I am talking about here -- see when I try to select the text “CUT-OUT SECTION CUT 1”. I tried to "underline" just the “CUT 1” but I could not select it. I had to "resize" the text box (make it bigger) so Snap 14.0.2 will allow me to select/edit “CUT 1”. 

    After resizing the text-box I also found out that I could not "underline" just the text “CUT 1”. 

    Clicking “U” (underline) in the properties panel will underline ALL text in the text-box --“CUT-OUT SECTION CUT 1”. I had to make a “straight line” and manually place it under “CUT 1” so it will look as if the word “CUT 1” is underlined

Now Ashampoo Snap’s capture scrolling (Snap 14.0.2) STILL needs work. While some users normally do not use “scrolling capture” (do they?) I for one am reliant on this feature. Whether it be a webpage, image, or long document, I use it every day. Now as reliant as I am with it, I also know (and admit) that “sometimes” you cannot get an outright “good” capture and render when using such feature. That is a fact!

Here in this review, I see again the same symptoms I saw previously with Snap 11 and Snap 12. The only end-result that Snap 14.0.1 with good rendering is the scrolling screenshot of Foxit Reader. Clean, crisp screenshot. Snap 14.0.2 has improved in the same MS Word doc. The video for Snap 14.0.2 will show that it captured (successfully) all 4 pages of the doc.  

Well the others also gave that mentioned “clean, crisp” end result so nothing special about it. I also see that all the screenshot apps I have seem to favor Foxit Reader. I still do not know why though... All scrolling captures taken in Foxit Reader are complete and with good render. 

MS Word (except Snap 14.0.1), PDFXChange Editor, browsers were “hit-and-miss” with Snap 14 (and Snap 11). As mentioned above, scrolling screenshots do not give an outright good capture and render. Not 100% at all times. The Snap 14.0.2 video will show that a repeat of all of its scrolling capture gave the same end-result (proving that something is off with Snap 14.0.2 scrolling capture)

Given such (inconsistent scroll-capture end-results), app developers should (at the very least) add some settings and options for tweaking. Here in this review, only ShareX Portable has added options and work-around. The rest do not even have a setting where you can tinker and adjust. Snagit 2020 (while no additional settings are given) offers an alternative when their “Scrolling Capture” does not perform properly. They have the “Panoramic capture" where you (the user) will manually scroll down as Snagit 2020 captures the images you scroll on step-by-step, then stitch/merge it afterwards. There is a setting in Snap 14 favoring Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for browsers. What's that for? Is it not tailored for scrolling capture?  

From the tests I made in this review, only FastStone Capture was the easiest and the fastest with good clean capture and end-results. Complete and good render end-results whether it be web browsers, MS Word, PDF’s, Explorer. Snagit 2020 (because of the alternative “Panoramic” capture) and ShareX Portable comes next.  The scrolling capture “bad performer” here is Screenpresso PRO but to be fair, it is still in beta so it still under work and unstable.

Ashampoo Snap devs can get some hints from the settings shown with ShareX. Perhaps they can also develop a manual “Panoramic” capture in the future. But now, in this version 14.0.2, capture scrolling needs FURTHER work. 

Snap 14.0.2 improved a lot in terms of video recording! Well congratulations Ashampoo! There were no issues encountered and the capture and render of the recorded video is good! One thing I noticed is that the default recording is still in .wmv. Well you can convert it anytime with any video converters around but why stick it out with .wmv? Anyway as mentioned the video capture and render is good and the former issue with the garbled sound with Snap 12 has been resolved here. I did not use the video editing features of Snap 14.0.2 because I prefer using my stuff rather than Snap’s (matter of preference here -- why edit with limited features while I have my pro editors with me...)


TechSmith Snagit 2022

FastStone Capture 9.7

Screenpresso PRO v1.12.1

ShareX 13.7.0
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to jasonX for this post:
  • dhruv2193

Snap 14.0.2 is an improvement from Snap 12. That I can say! Video recording is superb and the encountered “garbled sound” in the recorded video end-result way back in Snap 12 is nowhere to be seen and experienced now. Great one devs! I salute you! The improved “color picker” is a nice touch too! BUT Snap 14.0.2 STILL” needs work

Scrolling window capture is one glaring example here. You can see in the settings that Snap favors the 3 browsers, (1) Google Chrome, (2) Microsoft Edge, and (3) Mozilla Firefox. But why is the scrolling window capture for website not working on those 3 “favored” browsers? Has been like that since Snap 11 devs...

The brand new editor is "so so...." Arrowhead pegged at a default “normal-growing / modern” and no options to change the head style at all! Still no text-box background color options too! What were you thinking Mr. Dev?!

I don’t know who in the roster of Ashampoo devs "dialed-down" the arrowhead options. Imagine having those options way back Snap 11 and then quietly remove it in Snap 14.0.1! And then all of a sudden here comes Snap 14.0.2 giving some adjustments for the arrowhead size. Arrowhead size ONLY! Just that! Ashampoo calls it Snap 14 editor brand-new! I beg to disagree. Dialed-down is a more befitting description here (based on the sample annotation I made). The basic sample annotations shown are very basic and it is the same used for all the alternatives. 

Heck, I can’t even re-select the pixelated portion I made and had to use the “undo” feature and start again from scratch! 

Snap 11 editor had more options for the user than Snap 14.0.2.

Snap 14 is a step towards “improvement”. But I only see a couple of improvement -- one of which is the video recording option (again this is based on the test I did -- Simple Annotations, Scrolling Capture and Video Capture -- which is not a full test).

While all the alternatives used here have limitations of their own (like Snagit 2020’s line type for shapes, ShareX’s obfuscated erase, Screenpresso PRO’s beta scrolling capture, and FastStone Capture’s text/shape rotate issue) you’d still expect something “new” (and great) from a new version! New is “still new

At the very least, an improved from issues encountered previously (-- well it’s me speaking here coming from reviewing Snap 12). Ashampoo is a big company that can make things happen so I really expected more. Sad to say my expectations fell short (again)..

Ashampoo "is" Ashampoo and unlike, say, ShareX which is open source or FastStone Capture where improvements come in trickles, Ashampoo has the developers, resources and support system that can make Ashampoo Snap a better or the best screen capture application out there. And now Snap 14 needs to be placed in "Allow Apps" in Avast and exclude it in Avast's Ransomware Shield..?

Last time I did not recommend Snap 12 because of the "slowness" and a "lot of issues" (including the video recording). Still won’t use it here and I even did not lift a finger to "versus" it with the alternatives and Snap 14 -- why? Because it will only make my work longer...making me wait for the program to respond and using 3rd-party image editors just to make a better annotated screenshot!

This time I say, I “can” and (vaguely) “inclined” to recommend Snap 14 (not 100% though -- as mentioned and proven -- still needs further work). Anyway, it depends on the user’s preference really. What features that he (the user) often/always uses. On me, I’ll let it hang around (or just stay with Snap 11...hmmmm.) but will not rely on it heavily (especially with the issues with scrolling capture and the arrowheads)

All apps have their own limitations and that is the reason I have a couple of apps with me to tide me down. I think there is still no app that will rule it all in terms of screenshots. Well that’s just me speaking there based on my preference and usage. Others may rely on just Snagit or ShareX for their needs (why not it’s free plus it can give Ashampoo a run for their money if properly developed) but it is best to have a couple of applications with you to help overcome those "limitations" you may encounter as you go on with your work. 

I have sent word to Ashampoo support on some issues encountered here (during the thick of testing Snap 14) and this review (link) will be sent to them so this may help them out in the future. I hope when Snap 15 comes the scrolling window capture (scrolling window capture > website for starters) will NOT anymore be an issue and the editor will NOT be dialed down again (please). With that I take my leave as this was an exhausting one to make. 

Cheers guys!
You may have missed on the audio recording part where it has improved but it still has not offered the selection of audio sources especially while recording.
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(11 April 22, 15:07)dhruv2193 Wrote: You may have missed on the audio recording part where it has improved but it still has not offered the selection of audio sources especially while recording.

The end-results of Snap 14 and Snap 11 shows improved audio recording. Both videos of Snap 11 and Snap 14 shows it. Plus it is mentioned 
...the former issue with the garbled sound with Snap 12 has been resolved here..

As mentioned, I did not delve into intricates as alternative audio resources. Screen recording will always have inefficiencies because the end-result will always fair lower than the original. Hardware will also play a role here. It is not only Ashampoo Snap who has no other audio sources options. The context of the "C. CAPTURE VIDEO / SCREEN RECORDING" is purely "capturing basics" and not "options offered"  versus alternatives. It is the "capturing basic" end-result of Snap 14 that is compared (and measured) against the alternatives. 

Said context is different with, say, "B. SCROLLING MOUSE CAPTURE" where the test involved more than enough scrolling examples plus the highlighted options in ShareX Portable which no other app has or offered. Even the specimen video used in "C. CAPTURE VIDEO / SCREEN RECORDING" isn't the same level as that used in Snap 12 (which was an official music video with HD sound and all). This specimen video was done to limit YouTube's Copyright blah blah while at the very least giving the best possible scenario for a basic video capture test.

Anyway, this review link will be forwarded to Ashampoo support and I hope they do consider the contents and feedback here.
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  • harlan4096
I agree about the quality of audio but still the feature of selecting the audio sources for both internal and external sources is still not there entirely.
[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to dhruv2193 for this post:
  • harlan4096, jasonX
(11 April 22, 16:01)dhruv2193 Wrote: I agree about the quality of audio but still the feature of selecting the audio sources for both internal and external sources is still not there entirely.
Quote:The context of the "C. CAPTURE VIDEO / SCREEN RECORDING" is purely "capturing basics" and not "options offered"  versus alternatives. It is the "capturing basic" end-result of Snap 14 that is compared (and measured) against the alternatives. 

Said context is different with, say, "B. SCROLLING MOUSE CAPTURE" where the test involved more than enough scrolling examples plus the highlighted options in ShareX Portable which no other app has or offered. Even the specimen video used in "C. CAPTURE VIDEO / SCREEN RECORDING" isn't the same level as that used in Snap 12 (which was an official music video with HD sound and all). This specimen video was done to limit YouTube's Copyright blah blah while at the very least giving the best possible scenario for a basic video capture test.

The quoted text above states why your "preferred" audio sources isn't included. The title is "limited-comparative review/test". This is not a "full review" and  not even "thorough-review".

If you will read and see, all comparative (selective) tests are "basic" in nature. 

Perhaps you can augment this review (or start a new review test specific for "your" preferred "audio options"  with comparisons) for the benefit of Ashampoo thereby helping them out "additionally" to make Snap 14 be a better and improved app? 

That addition (review augmentation) is very welcome here and it will be beneficial especially to Ashampoo. 
[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to jasonX for this post:
  • dhruv2193, harlan4096
Ashampoo Support has sent acknowledgement of the review. If you have anything to add, you can post feedback here (in this review proper) or you can directly send feedback to them via to Ashampoo Support below,
[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to jasonX for this post:
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