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An intentional behavior of getting the cue from one then trying to outdo or one-up them

If you share something positive for your family or community, a friend with hidden jealousy (or something sinister) might respond by sharing something similar, only bigger or better for his own glory (or just to be noticed that he is better). In other words, you may notice a pattern of behavior where they not only imitate you, but also try to go one step farther. Say, you buy a new car for your family and then BOOM.... just a few weeks later, that friend gets himself the "exact same car" but the newest model or with some freebies also for his family! 

Well of course, buying the same car doesn’t always indicate jealousy or something more.... He  might simply just like the car. But this behavior suggests something intentional. I mean like the example, "the exact same car --but with freebies/extras"...Showing it off to all..making them know that.."I have it too but better"....Hmmmm...Imagine that...

A behavior to make themselves feel better? Yeah..these people (friends or so they say) feel better about themselves by making others feel worse. They have this some misguided way of boosting themselves taking aim at another person. Getting their ego to have that temporal relief from the ill-will that they inflict others. 

We all have that friend that turns everything into a competition or something else... No matter what, they have a way to make the situation about them. You buy a phone, they talk about buying a better one, you rent a new apartment, they talk about buying a house of their own, etc. Comparison isn’t limited to positive experiences, some people even compete when it comes to "suffering", your new laptop bonked on you, that friend says he has an old dilapidated desktop, you have little money, they have none, etc. 

Some may argue competition pushes people to do their best...sometimes...IF it’s a sport or game. Not every situation is...But sometimes the other's ambition is linked to beating others. It won’t be long before that "ambition" or what you call it beats you down too. Why? Because you cause ill-will to others. And because, there will always be someone stronger, faster, better (if that’s you, the "glory" may only last for a moment). When we link our self-worth to where we rank among others, it becomes something linked to external factors and can negatively impact yourself.

The right thing to do is respect others and treat them as you would like them to treat you. Don't be a fake-friend to others. Be decent enough to be genuinely pleasant for others.
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