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Key Firefox and Android updates you need to be aware of
Quote:The new year has brought with it a host of new software updates across a variety of different apps and programs. While many of these updates are routine, with some offering basic patches or minor feature updates or tweaks, there are a couple that you should be aware of, with a couple of programmes in particular requiring immediate attention.

[Image: App-updates.jpg]

Update Android

If you are an Android user and you have the option, it is probably a good idea to update your Android device now. The Android security bulletin for January includes details of several issues that the latest updates are addressing but the most important is that there is a high-security vulnerability in Android’s Framework component. If left unattended this vulnerability could lead to local escalation of privileges.

It is best to update your version of Android as soon as possible then to prevent the possibility that a malicious app or attacker could gain elevated permissions on an Android device without the user's knowledge. This could result in sensitive information being accessed or malicious actions being performed on the device.

If you own a Pixel device, then the latest Android security patch should already be available to you. However, if your Android device is from a third-party manufacturer such as Samsung or OnePlus, then you will have to consult with their websites to find out when they will be making their patches available to users.

Firefox needs updating too

As well as Android having critical security vulnerabilities that need patching as soon as possible, Mozilla has also announced details of bugs in Firefox that should be patched as soon as possible too. Firefox 109 includes various updates and patches but the most important are the patches to the 11 flaws which the foundation classifies as having the potential to have a high impact on users.

These include memory safety bugs have significant potential to cause several problems for users including:
  • Arbitrary file read
  • Malicious command injection
  • Persistent notification permissions
  • Website spoofing attacks
  • Connections to restricted origins
  • Data exfiltration from the browser
  • Bypassing web security checks
  • Arbitrary code execution due to memory corruption
All this means that leaving Firefox unpatched and not updating to Firefox 109 could see your personal files, browsing history, or login credentials compromised by attackers exploiting the vulnerabilities. Also, the arbitrary code execution vulnerability could allow attackers to take control of your affected device. Therefore, it is recommended to update your Firefox browser as soon as possible.
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