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Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder
[Image: JlXszRU.png]

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder  : Find and delete duplicate files safely!

[Image: nY5xMLp.gif]

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder finds and delete duplicate files on Windows machines to free up and reclaim disk space. 

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder replaces duplicates with links to a master file to ensure that your applications continue to work without issues. The program keeps a master file of all redundant copies. When an application tries to access a deleted copy, it will then use the master file instead. The links look and behave like their original files but occupy virtually no disk space. It's a smart approach that completely avoids file issues and just isn't feasible with manual file deletion alone! 

The program scans Windows systems at blazing speeds and presents the results neatly arranged by file type, including documents, audio, and video files. Users can review individual matches and permanently exclude files from deletion, if needed. Extensive tests have shown that duplicate files can occupy a significant amount of disk space while providing little to no benefit other than file redundancy. Replacing them with hard links to a single master file instantly frees up disk space at no noticeable performance cost and little, if any, risk. 

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder comes with a failsafe: A backup is created prior to every system modification / prior to file deletion, so users can revert / undo it in a matter of seconds!

Note: Windows Explorer will show you the size of the master file each time you view the properties of one of the links even though the link itself doesn't occupy any disk space. This is due to technical constraints

[Image: h1GQ69G.gif]

[Image: qNeJxCm.gif]

  •  High-performance scans for duplicate files
  •  View duplicates by category
  •  Exclude files from deletion
  •  Safely delete duplicate files
  •  Auto-replace redundant files with hard links
  •  Reclaim disk space
  •  Restore deleted files from auto-backups

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder ver0.1.40 (2023/05/31)



The installation of Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder is via Ashampoo Connect. There isn't any other way that you can install it alternatively without the installation via Ashampoo Connect. This is something like that of the GOTD wrapper. Now in my opinion for a "free" duplicate file finder "any" user does not need to go to the intricates (and inconvenience) of the installation process and making Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder work. It would not run IF the "Ashampoo Connect service" is not running in the background! I also had the misfortune of trying t make it run and work, most of the time crashing itself, while Ashampoo Connect hangs around. It seems that the "Ashampoo Connect service" wants me to download more free apps and it is offering more before running Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder or it is doing something mischievous. And, "Ashampoo Connect service" needs internet connection! Disconnecting from the internet will not run both apps too! Why would "Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder" need internet connection? The files are local!!!! I smell spy here....Good thing this was installed in VirtualBox. 

It wasn't even enough that the prospecting user has an Ashampoo account. Ashampoo even had the idea to "link" Ashampoo Connect to a FREE version thereby making the user run both applications at the same time. Like Wondershare's "Wondershare Helper Compact.exe / WSHelper.exe" lurking in the background as you use Filmora. Very good Ashampoo! 100 points for the inconvenience! You again forgot the "ease-of-use" here. The one who coined the idea of using Ashampoo Connect here should be ashamed. 

Due to this I am sticking with my resident "free" alternatives which are below. The apps are free and tried/tested. 



Even the free CCleaner has the capability to find duplicate files without the hassle of "Ashampoo Connect". If you have Ashampoo WinOptimizer versions 25 or 26 then you'd better stick to it as it has its resident duplicate file finder. You do not need this free version much the hassle that this free version will give you. Unless, this app is so exceptional to you...Not recommended at all.
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