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Microsoft is testing another AI writing feature in Edge
Quote:Microsoft continues to integrate and test AI features into its products. One of the latest products to gain yet another AI test is the company's Edge browser. In testing for at least a month, AI Writing is only available in Microsoft Edge Canary, and there only for some users.

Microsoft describes the feature in the following way: When this is on, you'll get help writing on the web with AI that allows you to generate ideas for writing, elaborate, re-write, change tone, format and more".

A right-click on text in Edge displays the Rewrite option in the menu. Edge rewrites the text selection automatically and displays the new copy in an overlay. Users may select different options to adjust the output, such as changing the tone, format or length of the output.

Tone and format options support different presets. Format, for example, allows users to switch between paragraph, email, blog post and ideas.

[Image: microsoft-edge-bing-compose.png]

The entire AI Writing feature resembles Bing Chat's Compose mode, which is already integrated into Microsoft Edge. A click on the Bing Chat icon in the Edge sidebar and the selection of Compose opens the AI-enhanced writing mode in the browser.

Compose mode displays the same format and tone options as AI Writing. The only advantage that AI writing provides is that it may improve text selection in some cases. Compose users may need to copy and paste text from an Internet site, which may a fraction of a second longer than AI Writing's right-clicking on the text and selecting the Rewrite option.

Compose offers broader writing options, as you may command the AI to write a text about a specific subject using a specific format, tone and length. It can also rewrite text that you paste or write into the text field.

Bing Chat and other AI tools on the Web can also rewrite content that you feed them.

It is unclear at this point whether AI Writing will find its way into stable versions of Edge. Microsoft may decided to pull it or change it.

AI-powered writing can be a useful tool in a writer's arsenal, but it is necessary to verify the writing before publishing it, as it may contain errors and other issues.

Earlier this year, CNET had to issue corrections on a number of articles written by "automation technology", which means AI. More and more companies will attempt to cut costs by switching to AI for some of the published stories on their properties.

Now You: do you use AI for test creation?
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