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AMD to launch Threadripper 7000 PRO and non-PRO Zen4 CPUs, designed for WRX90 and TRX
Quote:AMD to launch Zen4 based Threadripper PRO and non-PRO

AMD is set to introduce new CPUs and chipsets tomorrow.
[Image: AMD-RYZEN-THREADRIPPER-7000-HERO-1200x624.jpg]

We’ve just received the initial renders of the upcoming Threadripper processors. It’s clear that AMD is once again introducing non-PRO versions, distinguished by a new packaging from the PRO lineup. The non-PRO models will be packaged in gray and orange boxes, while the PRO variants will opt for gray and silver packaging.

These new renders solidify the information that the Threadripper 7000 series will adopt the sTR5 socket and will incorporate 8 to 12 chiplets with the Zen4 architecture. All CPUs within this series will share the same packaging and support the sTR5 socket, a fact clearly evident in the newly released images.

[Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-7000-CPU2-768x468.jpg] [Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-7000-CPU1-768x468.jpg]
AMD has now a competition from Intel who released Sapphire Rapids Xeon W-2400 and W-3400 series. Some of these chips are specifically designed for overclocking, which means that the target is a consumer rather than professionals upgrading their workstations. AMD has every reason to launch a consumer Threadripper series that will combat Intel offering. AMD is now set to launch even 96-core version, which will be the highest core count in a consumer grade CPU series. This chip is said to require a TDP of 350W.

[Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-7000-CPU4-768x450.jpg] [Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-7000-CPU3-768x450.jpg]
Interestingly, as discovered yesterday, AMD has officially confirmed the development of two chipsets: the WRX90, targeting workstations, and the TRX50, representing AMD’s venture into the consumer market.

[Image: AMD-WRX80-TRX50.png]
As a reminder, AMD had previously introduced the WRX80 and TRX40 chipsets. The WRX80 was designed to support 8-channel DDR4 memory, whereas the TRX40 platform supported quad-channel memory. The TRX40 platform had limited compatibility, as it only supported a single generation of AMD Threadripper processors. This limited compatibility made it a less attractive investment due to its relatively high price point.

It remains uncertain whether the new series, now identified as WRX90 and TRX50, will have a more flexible approach to processor compatibility, potentially supporting multiple generations of processors. What is confirmed though is that motherboards with sTR5 socket will now support DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 standards.

[Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-NONPRO-7000-BOX-768x702.jpg] [Image: AMD-THREADRIPPER-PRO-7000-BOX-768x702.jpg]
AMD Threadripper 7000 series will be announced tomorrow, but the new series should not hit the market until next month.
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