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Radeon PRO W7700 coming soon AMD to launch new Navi 32 based Radeon PRO In their re
Quote:AMD launches its most powerful mobile GPU, the Radeon RX 7900M

AMD squeezes its most powerful graphics processor into a laptop.
[Image: AMD-NAVI31-RX7900M-HERO-BANNER-1200x492.jpg]

The GPU manufacturer is unveiling its flagship Radeon GPU tailored for gaming laptops – the RX 7900M. This marks the debut of the Navi 31 GPU with 4608 Stream Processors for mobile graphics. However, what’s truly game changing for AMD is 16GB GDDR6 memory capacity for gaming mobile GPU.

The first laptop to showcase the RX 7900M powerhouse is the Dell Alienware m18 R1, a model already available with the Radeon RX 7600M XT. What sets this laptop apart is its inclusion of the AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D processor, which is the flagship 16-core Zen4 mobile chip based on desktop Raphael silicon with 3D V-Cache. The combination of this CPU and GPU promises to catapult AMD back into the enthusiast gaming benchmarks.

[Image: RX7900M-SPEC-1-e1697723295813-768x473.jpg]
[Image: RX7900M-SPEC-768x339.jpg]
The RX 7900M sets a new standard in mobile graphics, boasting a Total Graphics Power (TGP) of up to 180W. In comparison, the RTX 40 series tops out at 150W (175W with Dynamic Boost). Clearly, AMD is positioning itself to compete with the most potent gaming GPUs on the market. It’s worth noting that, according to Dell, the GPU’s TGP is 160W, but it can be pushed up to 200W with SmartShift Max technology.

[Image: Alienware-m18_02-Custom_videocardz-768x489.jpg] [Image: Alienware-m18_11-Custom_videocardz-768x489.jpg] [Image: Alienware-m18_21-Custom_videocardz-768x489.jpg]
AMD confirms that RX 7900M is 7% faster on average than RTX 4080 Laptop GPU. This is measured at 1440p resolution. The system featuring the RX 7900M is confirmed to retail at $2,800, a price point that is undeniably high, although not entirely unexpected when you consider that RTX 4080 laptops may require similar if not higher investment.

[Image: RADEON-RX7900M-e1697723271225.jpg]
Nonetheless, as it is most with AMD Radeon releases for mobile, one may question whether this GPU will eventually become available in other devices. AMD typically tends to partner with only a select few companies and often specific regions. While there have been scarce announcements regarding new laptops featuring the RX 7600M XT, it has still earned more attention than the elusive RX 6700M. The RX 7900M may become even more niche.

As per AMD’s announcement, this GPU is now available on the Dell website. It appears that there are no review embargoes in place, but there are also no reviews available to reference.
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