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Canonical: up to 12 years of support for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Quote:Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is expected in April 2024. The new long-term service support release of the popular Linux distribution may receive up to 12 years of support.

The extended support range was announced by Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth in an interview with the YouTube channel Destination Linux. The interview begins at 8.46 and the revelation about extended support happens at the 17:36 mark.

Here is the video for you to watch:

Core support for Ubuntu won't change according to Shuttleworth. Ubuntu LTS versions continue to be supported for 5 years and non-LTS releases for 9 months. Ubuntu 23.04 LTS is the current long term support release.

Ubuntu Pro subscribers may extend support of LTS versions by an additional 7 years going forward. Ubuntu Pro is available for Home users and Enterprise / business customers. The subscription is free at the time of writing for Home users and starts at $25 per year and machine for Enterprise customers. Server subscriptions start at $500 per month.

[Image: ubuntu-pro.png]

Canonical introduced Ubuntu Pro back in January of 2023. Back then, the company announced that subscribers would be able to get 10 years of security updates for Ubuntu Main and more than 20,000 additional packages. Ubuntu Pro promises other advantages, including a kernel livepatch service or optional phone and ticket support.
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