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Giveaway suggestions.
My dear members,

Thanks so much for all your suggestions. Feelers are always sent to sponsors. Sometimes sponsors do not actually reply or reply late. Some tend to ask for something more. There are some who ask more than what we can give. So it's a hit and miss here. 

If you have any "sure" contacts  for a specific app you want and can send it to me via PM then that'll be a great help towards realization of your request.

Some sponsors also have staved-off from GFYI for reasons as they have bad experience here. Some because one of our winners were not awarded their proper win and I opposed it. We at GFYI always act on it and we oppose any change to any agreement to the detriment of the winner. A "just winner" who followed every rule deserves a rightful win. Some sponsors do not like to be reminded of such agreements when they have obviously bent it to justify non-awarding and the like. Some are not man enough to admit they have violated such an agreement. Thus the trust is severed (by them not we).

Some of you know how hard we opposed and fought for your rightful win against a sponsor who wanted to short-change us. You should be proud of it as we are. We are transparent here and we have all the evidences of such agreement in terms of email correspondences, ticket IDs etc. 

Do continue to send your suggestions. They will all be sent to the sponsors for prospecting sponsorship. 

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you!

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Thanks @jasonX for Your invaluable efforts!
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Hello all.
I would like to suggest a giveaway for a very good AntiRansomware software:
NeuShield Data Sentinel

software enthusiast!
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