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How to Uninstall or Repair a Program in Windows 10
Quote:Sometimes apps can misbehave due to missing or corrupt files. Windows makes it easy to repair a program installation when this happens or even to uninstall the program from your system entirely if you’re no longer using it.

Repairing a Program

Repairing a program works by checking all the files in the program’s folder, replaces any that need fixing, and may even check/fix entries in the Registry. It runs through the program’s installation again but tries to preserve any settings you’ve made.

Using the Control Panel

Hit Start, type “control panel” into the search box, and then click the result.
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In Windows 10, It is quite easy, either you can use Windows 10's settings or Control panel to repair or Uninstall the programs. Windows 10 give you the flexibility to remove any program, You can directly uninstall the program from the Start menu, right-click, and then uninstall the program. 

You can go to the Settings>Apps>Apps&Features, here find the program you want to repair, right-click and then advanced tab, and then Reset or repair. Keep in mind, Advanced option is not available for all programs. 

For more information, you can read here: Repair or Remove programs in Windows 10
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