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[Giveaway] pCloud 500 GB 3 Months Free Premium
Quote:PCloud cloud

pCloud is a young and very promising cloud with its headquarters in Switzerland, which managed to gain good feedback from both professionals and regular users in a short time. The developers initially stated that their service was intended equally for business and private individuals, and therefore they made sure that the work of some was not to the detriment of others. The technical side of the service allows even ordinary customers to enjoy all the benefits of storage and not feel in some way disadvantaged.While other similar file storage unnecessarily complicates the work, the cloud service pCloud tried to focus on making the use of the cloud as convenient as possible, but at the same time quite functional. Having started its work in 2013, the cloud pCloud managed to attract more than 6 million active users and their number is constantly growing.

PCloud cloud features

PCloud online storage is ideal for you to backup, store and share photos, multimedia files, as well as working documents in the most convenient form. Your files will always be at hand, wherever you are. To do this, it is enough to have a computer or any mobile device that has access to the Internet. With pCloud, files can be synchronized as well as played in the cloud without downloading to a computer.

Manage and share files

All files uploaded to the cloud are easy to search through the search form, and also sort by type (images, audio, video, documents, archives). When a file is deleted from the cloud, it is not deleted immediately, but for some time remains in the basket with the possibility of recovery (as on a regular computer). For free tariffs this period is 30 days, for paid - 180 days from the date of removal. In this case, you can independently clean the trash from unnecessary files at any time.

The pCloud cloud provides the ability to collaborate on documents, as well as the ability to establish extended access rights to specific folders. For these purposes, the function “Invitation to folder” is implemented in the cloud. All users who accepted your invitation will receive the right to use files from the folder, according to the access rights you have set.

Generate links to files and send them to your friends and colleagues by mail, social networks or posting on the site, after which they will be able to download the corresponding files at maximum speed without waiting, paying, or having to view obtrusive ads. Your friends can not only download, but also upload files to your pCloud cloud.

File size and speed

Most online storages limit users to the size of files that can be stored in the cloud. pCloud compares favorably with its competitors. The size of the file uploaded to the cloud can only be limited by the size of the file storage itself. You can store in pCloud even movies in HD quality without the need for their breaking into parts.

The same principle applies to the download speed. The developers claim that they guarantee downloading files to the cloud and downloading from it at a speed of at least 80 Mb / s, provided that your Internet provider provides this speed. In this case, you yourself can limit this speed, if there is a need.

Applications and software

You can work with the pCloud cloud using both a computer and mobile devices. The cloud supports all popular Internet browsers. Anyone can absolutely free download their own pCloud programs for a safer and more convenient file handling. Applications run on all versions of Windows, Mac, Android and Linux (32/64).

PCloud cloud security

Developers pay special attention to security. By uploading files to the pCloud cloud, you can be sure that they will not fall into the hands of scammers or competitors. All user-cloud connections are protected using SSL / TLS technology, and the files themselves are stored on several independent servers in encrypted form. Encryption happens on the user's side, so no one except you has access to the encryption key. You can get access to a highly professional encryption system by paying for the pCloud Crypto service.

Usually after registration you get 10 GB and can increase to 20 GB by doing some actions.

Now you can get 500 GB for 3 months.

To do this, click on this link, register, and confirm your email. You will receive a letter to confirm your account.


After you confirm your account, click on this link and enter your details.

500 GB free

Is done. You have 500 GB of cool cloud storage.

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pCloud secure cloud storage 500 GB FREE

step 1 : Registration

step 3 : Go to 
step 4 : Use Promo Code :  PCLOUDFORMUSIC


[Image: YuYNfnSz_t.png]
[Image: o3AILVyy_t.png]
[Image: gCQUCh2A_t.png]
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to hanso for this post:
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