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Adguard for Windows, Android, iOS
Quote:AdGuard Home v0.107.2:

You know, it is very hard to break your bad habits. We're still struggling with one, the overwhelming need to roll out hotfixes to AdGuard Home releases.

Now this one is a hotfix release for a really critical CPU overconsumption bug in v0.107.1.

Please update asap and with this, we wish you happy holidays!
Full Changelog​Fixed​
  • Infinite loops when TCP connections time out (#4042).
Quote:AdGuard for Android 3.6.6:

Disclaimer AdGuard for Android is not an open-source project. We use Github as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

After the last update of AdGuard for Android, some users may have encountered the problem of the app crashing when using earlier versions of the Firefox browser. Well, we decided to close all debts this year and release the patch today. We also did something that no release can do without: we updated CoreLibs.

  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes while using earlier versions of FireFox browser #4068
  • [Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.281 #4076
AdGuard for Android direct download links:
Quote:AdGuard for Android 3.6.7:

Lately some of our users experienced discomfort — they couldn’t make voice calls in WhatsApp when AdGuard v3.6.6 for Android is enabled. The CoreLibs team managed to combat this problem.

Besides, we’ve made several fixes to the scriptlets library. To recap, scriptlets are powerful blocking tools. In particular, they carry out a noble mission: to neutralize anti ad blockers. The previous version of AdGuard for Android had a scriptlet library that contained an incorrect fix for rules like #%#/scriptlet(“abort-current-inline-script”, ...), which could break some web pages; now the problem is solved.

Having dealt with all the issues, we’re ready to present a new version. Please meet v3.6.7, we’ve done our best for it to function smoothly.

  • [Fixed] AdGuard breaks calls in WhatsApp #4080
  • [Enhancement] CoreLibs to v1.8.285 #4089
AdGuard for Android direct download links:​
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Quote:AdGuard v4.3.2 for iOS:

Not all our updates are flashy and eye-catching, but they all make AdGuard better. So, meet AdGuard v4.3.2 for iOS — right from the oven. In this release we've mainly focused on improving the app’s performance and fixing minor bugs. You'll probably notice that AdGuard now starts faster than before. We hope you’ll enjoy the new version of AdGuard for iOS.

[Fixed] No Internet when using cellular connection (DNS64 network) #1901

Previously, DNS protection didn't work with some cellular operators with IPv6-only networks (e.g., T-Mobile US). A little AdGuard magic and everything works as it should.

[Fixed] Crash on opening an app with a large DNS blocklist #1883

Now you won't have any problems if you actively use DNS protection and your custom rules.

Release 4.3.2 · AdguardTeam/AdguardForiOS Not all our updates are flashy and eye-catching, but they all make AdGuard better. So, meet AdGuard v4.3.2 for iOS — right from the oven. In this release we've mainly focused on improving the app’s...[Image: favicon.svg]

- The app now loads up to x10 faster - Some DNS protection-related bugs fixed - Crash when loading the app with a large DNS blocklist fixed
Quote:AdGuard for Windows

Version 7.9 from February 21, 2022

Now we know that we can create suspense no worse than Hitchcock: since the last release, we’ve presented three versions of the app (one beta version and two release candidates). But enough is enough! Meet AdGuard 7.9 for Windows, the release we've all been waiting for. Let's list the major innovations and benefits of this version so you can savor them.Let's start with the fact that we have worked hard on improving the performance of the application as well as its user interface. Now you'll enjoy interacting with AdGuard for Windows even more. We've also improved the advanced DNS settings by adding a bootstrap option. Don't want to use the system DNS resolver as a bootstrap? You don't have to! Now you can specify IP addresses of the DNS servers that are used to determine the address of the encrypted DNS servers.What else? We fixed tons of bugs of different severity, including the problem with auto-activation of language filters. As a result, AdGuard's stability is improved now. Of course we couldn't avoid updating CoreLibs and DNSLibs. That's all, folks! We hope you’ll enjoy the new version of AdGuard for Windows.

  • [Enhancement] Added an advanced option to set custom DNS bootstrap address #4080
  • [Enhancement] Added sorting by request type Connection #3830
  • [Enhancement] Browser Assistant's filtering log won't open when AdGuard is closed, but continues filtering 3335
  • [Fixed] Language-specific filters are automatically enabled even if the Ad Blocker module is disabled. #4098
  • [Fixed] Pseudo-update of userscripts 4050
  • [Fixed] Link to the Home page in the User rules settings #4068
  • [Fixed] When adding a new rule via Filtering log, the default rule includes the name of the filter it belongs to #4045
  • [Fixed] Wrong padding under filter name in the filter editor #3553
  • [Fixed] A mistake in the text of the license agreement in the Installer #4060
  • [Fixed] $$ rules are not visible in the filtering log #4113
  • [Fixed] Blocked requests by Parental control are shown as Stealth mode's ones in Filtering log 4074
  • [Fixed] The rule counter on the main screen defines comments as active rules #3994
  • [Fixed] Impossible to scroll DNS exclusions screen #4024
  • [Fixed] When enabling/disabling protection "on this site" in one browser window, the Assistant's icon does not change its color in another opened browser window.
  • [Fixed] localization of the All rights reserved string in About tab #4065
  • [Other] AdGuard uses about 10% CPU on with disabled protection on this website 4003
  • [Other] Reworked onboarding animation on Privacy protection slide
  • [Other] The text of the error that occurs when a custom filter is added incorrectly is not translated #4026
  • [Other] Info about AdGuard is left in registry after deleting #4064

Updated CoreLibs to v1.9.34
  • [Enhancement] Added an ability to apply cosmetic rules to specific URLs only #124
  • [Enhancement] Improved detection of content type using Sec-Fetch-Dest header #1382
  • [Enhancement] Changed default address Hide your IP #1516
  • [Enhancement] TLS fingerprint should not change when AdGuard is enabled #1503
  • [Enhancement] Improved the HTTPS filter certificate caching algorithm #1402
  • [Fixed] Authorization on doesn't work when Self-destruct third-party cookie files function is enabled [#1502]
  • [Fixed] If rule with $all modifier is applied, wrong rule appears in logs #1535
  • [Fixed] AdGuard breaks the encoding on #1534
  • [Fixed] An error net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on #1518
  • [Fixed] Rules with $third-party modifier do not work at #1523
  • [Other] AdGuard fails at pinning test on #1526
  • [Other] Validation errors on RegEx entries #1544

Updated DnsLibs to v1.7.4
  • [Other] Started using NativeLibsCommon in DnsLibs #128
Quote:AdGuard Blog: Privacy Sandbox on Android and how it will affect you

AdGuard always keeps a close eye on industry news that affects privacy issues. Google recently introduced the Privacy Sandbox which will largely determine the future of privacy of Android users. And we certainly need to comment on it. This article is a brief overview of the situation made by Andrey Meshkov, CTO and co-founder of AdGuard. Now we are continuing to explore the topic, and a large research article will be published soon. Follow our blog and social media so you don't miss its release.

Google has announced a new suite of technologies called Privacy Sandbox that should (at least theoretically) make Android devices better in terms of privacy. But at the same time, Google is making it clear that they'd like advertisers to keep as many options as possible — and this is a tough balance to strike. Have they managed to do it?

Privacy Sandbox includes several separate technologies. You can dive deep into the matter yourself, but I'll try to describe the key points about each of the new initiatives here...

In general, all these initiatives (excluding Topics) can be described as improving users' privacy in the context of the ad market. But with one very important condition — ONLY those mechanisms should be used.

As for Topics, it reflects the (completely understandable) desire to keep the ability to utilize information about users' interests for targeting purposes. But this technology further expands the scope of that information instead of reducing it.

But even the good ones still leave a bitter aftertaste: de facto Google will become the single entity to control which ads users see on their Android devices. It was partially true before, but only within Google's own advertising network. Now they are looking to directly influence all other ad networks too, and we know that monopolies rarely end up being good for the consumer. We kind of know what is going to be happening on our smartphones now, and there's no guarantee it will stay that way.

This is the trend that we've been seeing for a while now — advertising networks slowly but steadily moving into our devices. Thinking about buying a new phone? Be ready to get your hands on a highly specialized tool for showing ads instead.
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Quote:AdGuard for iOS version 4.3.3 from March 2, 2022

This update is small but important: the fixes we've made will definitely make AdGuard work even better. In this version we've improved DNS filtering to make it more stable even when the internet connection is poor. We've also fixed a bug that was preventing filter updates on iOS 15.4 beta and a couple of background crashes. And we've added some other minor improvements to make using AdGuard more comfortable.


[Enhancement] Updated DnsLibs to v1.7.11 #1951
[Fixed] Crash due to an invalid filtering rule in the EasyList Cookie List #1941
[Fixed] Common crashes in AdGuard v4.3.2 beta #1925
[Fixed] NetworkUtils.init crashes on iOS 12.5 #1938
[Fixed] Bug with the manual refresh icon iOS 15.4 beta #1926
[Fixed] The app crashes if you add a custom filter list with empty lines #1918
[Fixed] Tunnel is being killed due to exceeding memory limit #1935
[Fixed] VPN profile won't connect after settings reset #1952
Quote:AdGuard v7.9.1 for Windows hotfix from March 4, 2022

Some users could experience problems in AdGuard 7.9 occurring when Traffic filtering is disabled.

Also, you might have faced problems with filter updates.

So here we are with a hotfix that will solve them.

And we also seized the opportunity to update DNSLibs and CoreLibs and make some minor bug fixes.

Now the app’s performance will be more stable.

  • [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.9.43 #4150
  • [Enhancement] Update DnsLibs to 1.7.12
  • [Fixed] Disabling Traffic filtering causes a crash after restarting AdGuard 4142
  • [Fixed] Error while checking for filter updates #4143
  • [Fixed] Disabling Show quic doesn't work until filtering log is relaunched #4133
Quote:AdGuard Browser Extension for Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Opera 4.0.141 Released

You’ve probably had this happen: you’re going to a party, everything seems perfect, and just before you leave you notice a stain on your clothes. What would you do? Change your look, of course. Well, we’ve noticed a little “stain” on the v4.0.133 release too: some users were unable to remove a domain from Allowlist after the update. And we’ve decided to release a new version right away with this bug fixed.

  • [Fixed] Pause button not fully aligned to center #1994
  • [Fixed] User rules and allowlist box shrinks little to left #1995
  • [Fixed] Rules with :where() pseudo class do not work #1998
  • [Fixed] Cannot remove a domain from Allowlist after update to v4.0 #2002
  • [Fixed] 'Learn more' button design on update popup
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Quote:AdGuard VPN major update for all platforms and extra 10 GB in March and April

Nothing of this caliber has ever happened in AdGuard! Today we release AdGuard VPN updates for all platforms — for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 7/7, that makes a bingo!

What's new
  • Exclusions 2.0
  • Full redesign
  • Rising prices and new subscription format
  • Auto-protection in AdGuard VPN for Android
  • Custom DNS servers in AdGuard VPN for Mac and Windows
  • Additional 10 GB to all users
The world is going through a difficult time. There are problems with access to various resources in some countries, and we can't stay away. We're giving all AdGuard VPN users, old and new, extra 10 GB in March and April. You'll have 13 GB of VPN traffic instead of three during both months — so that you can browse freely and get more information.

That seems to be it. Hurry up to update AdGuard VPN and see for yourself how different it has become. Hope you'll like it! As usual, we welcome feedback in whatever format convenient for you — share any thoughts in the comments here or on social media. See you!
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