Idera Windows Health Check 1.0 (Monitor the health of Windows Server)
[Image: FH5yncf.png]

A monitoring application for Windows Server, which displays CPU usage, memory and storage space, as well as information on network traffic.

Server administrators need a variety of monitoring tools to ensure that the server is running at optimal performance when processing requests from connected clients. With a little help from  Idera Windows Health Check , they can monitor server health from a single table of monitoring board.

Displays a summary of the operating system and hardware
To use Idera Windows Health Check, you must first connect to the server. If you want to test it on your Windows PC, you can use localhost as the host name.
Idera Windows Health Check displays information about the edition of the operating system and installed service packs, as well as some technical specifications for the system processor, RAM, system architecture, computer name and local IP address.

Monitor the use of resources, disk and network traffic operations
In addition to information on hardware and software, Windows Idera Health Check also displays two gauges that reflect the processor and memory usage, as well as the top 10 processes that generate resource consumption. You can also view the available free space and storage occupied for all disks on your machine.

For a better overview of the use of your disk , you can consult the table of input / output operations, which indicates the transfer rate and speed of reading and writing of the actions performed on the disk hard.
Similarly, from a chart, you get information about the network traffic because Idera Windows Health Check displays the rate of receiving and sending.
  • Watch the Windows Server integrity from a single dashboard.
  • See CPU, memory, disk and network usage.
  • Identify the best CPU intensive processes.
  • See DNS and DHCP statutes.
Windows Health Dashboard
Monitoring of Windows Server integrity is important to maintain productivity. View important indicators in a single dashboard, easy to use, so you can quickly check the health of the server during your busy day.

View the use of resources
See at a glance the state of the CPU and memory, disk capacity and metrics of network I / O and disk to know immediately if you have an issue that requires investigation. Are sampling health indicators from 1 minute to 60 minutes to set the desired granularity.

Monitor process
Monitor the process consuming the first 10 processors to see the potential performance losses in the system. See the availability of DHCP and DNS server to know when they are up or down.

Simple installation, no agent required
Install and configure in minutes without agent to improve performance.

[Image: 133353_1.jpg]

Check health indicators in a centralized dashboard
The server health is vital, so that a monitoring solution such as Windows Idera Health Check, which provides important indicators, certainly helps. It allows you to view resource utilization and quickly detect problems that could be solved. In addition, it can display the status of the DNS and DHCP server.

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